This site is currently working as an Archive of the enthusiasm and fun we had making REMEMBER ME over the past few years.

It is unlikely to be updated in the near future.


Until we start making theater again.

Feedback from Remember Me 2010

A big thank you to everyone who came to see the show over the past two weeks.

We’d like to ask if you might fill out the following feedback form, so we can learn from your experience and get a better idea of how the show worked (or didn’t).

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Video for Remember Me 2010

We were fed up of trails that showed you what you were going to see, so we thought we might make something showing who you might meet.

Welcome to Darren, Jessica and Sophie’s world.

Video by Carol and Jason
Filming by Carol
From an idea in a coffee bar

Play now cast!

Remember Me 2010 has now been fully cast, after  a rigorous and at times heart-breaking audition process.

After seeing a whole bunch of amazing performers, we’ve finalised the following lineup.

Darren: Clyve Bonelle
Jessica: Mandip Gill
Sophie: Yusra Warsama

More information as time passes …

Brand Spanking New Tour – UPDATED

Publicity Image for Autumn 2010 tourHooligans are once again taking to the road, with a new Tour of a New Version of Remember Me. We already have confirmed dates at Preston New Continental, The Lantern in Liverpool and at Contact, Manchester.

Written by Jason J Crouch and directed by Sarah Meadows, this new release will be populated by a whole new cast. Look out for a casting call later in the year.

Already attached to the project are DJ Phil Beckett, designer Phil Ratcliffe and LD Tom “Dexter” Scott.

More info as and when …

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